ae30—Night Canticle-for Electric Cello and Computer
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night canticle is the second of a projected three movement work for solo electronic 'cello of which night chains constitutes the first. Although each work is to a certain extent self-contained, my approach to night canticle was heavily influenced by viewing it in the context of being preceded by the aggressive, dark world of night chains. Resultantly, night canticle is rather more delicate and meditative in nature though certainly not devoid of some more lively sections. Formally the work recycles a proportional division of a basic nine bar cell, oscillating from a very still texture to a quite agitated one. The opposition of these textural polarities was intensified through the use of the technological extensions to the basic electronic 'cello. In this work the electronic 'cello is joined by a synthesizer and effects processor all under the control of the performer through the addition of a computer running Max software.

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Fractured Traces
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"Amazing blend of cello and other sounds like you've never heard before!"
"...excellent...amazingly sophisticated...exciting..."
—Daniel Coombs, Audiophile Audition

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