ae32—Touch-for Piano and Fixed Format Electronics
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touch is the word that immediately came to mind when I first heard the playing of the commissioner of this work, pianist Carsten Schmidt. Carsten's extraordinarily fluid and sensitive touch coupled with the extremely malleable coloration which he imparts to it led me to begin thinking about the notion of touch both as a title and as a structural concept for the work. The title implied to me the idea of a structure in which one idea 'touches' another while not 'becoming' another as in the traditional developmental model. Therefore in this work pianist and electronics share many of the same ideas but the medium imparts its own 'touch' to their delivery. The solo music can be shaped and phrased and colored in a much more fluid way than can the electronics which are delivered in a quite severe, almost mechanical,
touch was commissioned by Carsten Schmidt and the Volte Foundation of Amsterdam and written in 1997-8 and then revised in 2010. The work is dedicated to him and to his sensitive artistry.

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