ae71—Tempest-Concerto for Flute and Orchestra
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The title of this work refers to rough wind. When I was approached about a new flute work the idea of a wind player and a virtuosic wind player set my imagination to types of crazy, unrestrained wind. This led me to look into the natural occurrences of wild, unpredictable wind patterns around the world. This led in turn to the titles of the three movements: Ostro the traditional name of the southerly wind in the Mediterranean sea; Mistral, a cold northerly from central France and the Alps to Mediterranean–this movement I have also allied to the notion of a type of funeral march, hence the title Mistral … Funerailles with the cold wind perhaps summoning the notion of death and impermanence. Finally, the last frantic and virtuosic movement is titled Etesian which references a strong, dry north wind of the Aegean Sea which is most of the time a good steady sailing wind. The well-contained and metrical virtuosity of this movement seems to align with this welcome and sustaining wind that is good for travel. In artistically interpreting all of these types of global wind patterns I have tried to invest a dramatic and virtuosic element to the corresponding wind music.

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