Selected Chamber Music


RIVE (2002)
for clarinet, violin, & piano
12 min.

A stunning one movement work based on an initial idea that is torn apart or ‘riven’ through a dramatic development process that produces music of both intimate, reflective beauty and wild, dramatic and virtuosic sections.


LUMEN (2013)
for cello & piano
27 min.

A major sonata length work channeling deep meditations on impermanence, change, loss and even death. Two long outer expressive movements frame an exciting central fast movement. A showpiece for cello and piano!


for violin & piano
7 min.

A meditative solo that channels visions of floating waves of mist that hang in time and space like cloud. A simple and beautiful gem of a work that takes performer and audience on an inward journey of quiet discovery.


DRIFT (2011)
for solo oboe & strings
11 min.

A slow meditation on cloud motion and the internal ‘drifts’ of our emotional and expressive worlds. A richly beautiful work imbued with yearning melodic force and subtle expressive writing for strings.


SHIMMER (2012)
for wind quintet
7 min.

A punchy and short work for wind quintet that how’s off the instruments virtuosically through long melodic ideas punctuated by aggressive flamboyant writing for all of the instruments.


for viola, fixed electronics & video
10.5 min.

Set to a poem of the composer, this unusual work for solo viola, electronics and video is an impassioned showpiece of depth, drama and deep expression. A virtuosic work technically and musically for the solo viola!

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