ae6—Song of the Raven Night- for SSSAAA choir, Grand Organ, Two Pianos and Four Percussionists (1984)
ae9—St. Luke Magnificat-for SSAA/SATB double choir a cappella (1986)
ae21—Epicideum Hathumode-for SATB choir a cappella (1991)
ae36—Shoah Requiem–for SATB soli, SATB chorus and orchestra (2001-2010)
ae49—Three Psalms-for SATB choir a cappella (2010)
ae50—Missa Brevis-for SATB choir and Organ (2010)
ae58—Adam Lay Ybounden-for TTBB choir and English Horn (2011)
ae60—Two Looks at Silence-for SATB choir a cappella (2012)
ae65—Symbolum Apostolorum-for SSAATTBB choir a cappella (2012)
ae75—The Seven Last Words of Jesus Christ from the Cross-for sixteen part SATB choir and electronics

ae3—Five Songs to Poems of Sylvia Plath-for Soprano and Piano (1981)
ae5—Five Orchestral Songs to Poems of Sylvia Plath-for Soprano and Orchestra (1983)
ae11—Five Songs to Poems of Sylvia Plath-for Soprano and Ensemble (1986)
ae7—Seven Nursery Songs for Taliesen-for high voice and guitar (1984)
ae22—Une Seule Femme Endormie-for Soprano and Singing Cellist (1991)
ae25—The Fire-for Soprano, MIDI Violin, Digital Effects and Computer (1994)
ae37—Two Songs to Poems of EE Cummings-for Mezzosoprano and Piano (2002)
ae44—In Questi Giorni-for Mezzosoprano and Orchestra (2005)
ae51—A Patchen Cycle-for Baritone and Piano (2010)
ae66—A Patchen Cycle-for Baritone and Orchestra (2012)