ae28—Time Processional-for Wind Orchestra

ae28—Time Processional-for Wind Orchestra

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The form of time processional unfolds both sequentially, in time, and through a complementary projection of ideas into various interlocked strata of pitch and pulse. Such strata are generated using strict permutations of a central pulse, so that, in most sections of the work, two or more strata are being unfolded simultaneously. Each pulse stratum carries with it a centric pitch, which acts, like the pulse, as a center around which all musical unfoldings in each particular stratum occur. Using this compositional framework, or web of pulses linked to pitches, allows for a stratified and organized way to transform musical materials. Apart from this technical and formal aspect of the composition, such elaborate, stratified interlockings yield a temporal and expressive freedom that I find liberating and dramatic as well as powerfully expressive.

The title of the work refers to this process directly. Musical ideas are established and associated with one sense of time, or pulse, then shifted to another, resulting in a reorientation of the idea, much as occurs when one first perceives an event then goes on to re-live that event in memory: the event itself has not changed, yet time has recast the event in a new, yet deeply related way. It is the network of such transformations of events through time that is the compositional focus of the work.

time processional is the result of a summer research grant from the Research Grants Committee of the University of Alabama and is dedicated to Dr. Gerald Welker and the University of Alabama Wind Ensemble.

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