ae46—...Mist, Memory, Shadow...-for Violin and Strings

ae46—...Mist, Memory, Shadow...-for Violin and Strings

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...mist, memory, shadow... is a short elegiac work commemorating a triumvirate of things I consider iconically related to Tasmanian musical heritage.

First of all, mist stands centrally in the profound effect the environment exerts upon all Tasmanian musicians – its quiet, unrelenting and strong presence that seems to yield to neither time nor the modern world. Environment seems to exert an influence on all Tasmanian artists to draw them deeper into the timeless mysteries of place and our presence in that place.

Memory is linked with this, since the still environment of Tasmania's natural wilderness seems to catalyze a reflection on the present and how this is contextualized within the past, and by implication also the future.

Shadow refers to both the incredible natural light of Tasmania but also the long 'shadow' cast by Jan Sedivka and the TSO on this very special place and the musical art that is borne and takes place here.

...mist, memory, shadow... is thus a kind of still elegy that gently reflects on place and people with a central section that is more assertive and keyed to the passions so necessary to establish art and music in this fragile, timeless island. The work is dedicated to my good friend MA Jun-Yi and the tremendous TSO strings in honour of the 90th birthday of another good friend, master musician Jan Sedivka.

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