ae1—Sonata for Solo Clarinet (1978)
ae12—String Quartet No. 1 (withdrawn) (1988)
ae14—Exiles-for mixed sextet and two stereo tapes (1988)
ae16—Image Shift-for Mixed Quartet (withdrawn) (1988)
ae17—Dawn Panels-for Percussion Quartet (1988)
ae22—Une Seule Femme Endormie-for Soprano and Singing Cellist (1991)
ae24—Hell Cantos-for Fourteen Players (1993)
ae26—String Quartet No. 2 (withdrawn) (1994)
ae31—Spin-for Cello and Fixed Format Electronics (1996)
ae34—Seraphic Ride-for Mixed Nonet (2000)
ae35—Bang-for Sextet and Fixed Format Electronics (2000)
ae39—Rive-for Clarinet, Violin and Piano (2002)
ae41—Soar-for Cello and Piano (2004)
ae45—Spin-off-for Clarinet and Fixed Format Electronics (2006)
ae52—Cascade-for Two Pianos (2010)
ae53—The Other-for Solo Cello (2010)
ae61—Shimmer-for Wind Quintet (2012)
ae64—For Hilary, In Clouds...-for Violin and Piano (2012)
ae67—Tremor-for Contrabass and Piano (2012)
ae68—Lumen-for Cello and Piano (2013)
ae69—Heat-for Trombone and Piano (2013)
ae72—Temple-for Solo Flute (2014)

ae27—...De La Fumeé... Des Voix...-for Harpsichord and Fixed Format Electronics (1994)
ae29—Bone Vestiges-for Solo Piano (1995)
ae32—Touch-for Piano and Fixed Format Electronics (1997)
ae38—Boyd Panels-for Solo Piano (2002)
ae52—Cascade-for Two Pianos (2010)
ae62—Mist Sketches-for Solo Piano (2012)
ae74—Response 10—Black Disfigured Souls-for Solo Piano (2016)